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Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Khorasan Razavi

Gonabad Qasabeh Qanat

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Historical complex of Ghouzhd village
This valuable collection, which includes important buildings such as Central Mosque, Caravanserai, and Ab-anbar, is located in the 10th km from the city of Gonabad. The mosque's building consists of a porch with an arch ceiling and its lower altar with delicate ornamentation of Mogharnas and the use of gypsum cladding with clay and brick base, which is considered as an architectural monument of the Qajar era. Jawahiri Ab-anbar, Kamali Mosque, Chartaghi of Ghouzhd, Baladeh Ab-anbar, Pishbin Mansion and Sadeghian Mansion are among the works of this village. Alongside the village's historic texture, the glorious complex of Kalout and the two tourist accommodations in this village have added to the tourist attractions of the village.

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