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Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Khorasan Razavi

Gonabad Qasabeh Qanat

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  • Lakhshak pottage

    A kind of noodle soup that is called as Lakhsheh pottage and Lakhsheh and It includes lentils, vegetables and thin and broad noodles. Seasoned with whey and hot mint and sometimes they are added onion or hot garlic to it.

    Gandom Polo

     Gandom polo is a local cuisine which is nutritious and healthy. It is a delicious vegetarian meal for vegetarian food fans.


    Eshkene is an Iranian traditional food. Eshkene has different types in Gonabad. Ghoruti, Shirazi, Khorfegi and Bo-ne are some local kinds of Eshkeneh in this region.


    Sofuf is a local cuisine containing a mixture of ground cumin and a few other herbs mixed with Nabat(pure sugar in form of candy).it also has some health properties and it is carminative.


    Rovarkarde is a nutritious and tasty pancake, containing nuts and date syrup. It has long been cooked especially on Nowrouz eve (celebration of Iranian New Year).


     It's a nutritional and traditional food in Gonabad that is prepared in two kinds with thick soup. First type is named locally" tugy be boo" and its main material is millet that mixed with fried onion and fricassee meat. "Tvgy be shir" Another type of this warm local food that made with millet kernel, fried onions and milk. In the past Tugy served for breakfast in the morning in cold winter with family members.

    Jooshpareh Pottage 

    Very laborious and traditional food that includes a combination of onions and lentils and cooked peas in spread sheet of rectangles or triangles wrapped dough and comes curd, walnut, poppy, sesame and mint, is served hot. In Beyhagi history book it is said about the prevalence of this food in very ancient time in Khorasan. Cooking this food takes more time because of cooking method. Traditionally this food was cooked for family parties and also its one of the popular herbal foods in these days.

    Making spume

     Gonabadi spume is made by boiling the root of the aborigine Galanga or Sweet Costus (in vernacular language called Bikh). It is a unique and special food for cold nights of desert. Kaf zani or making spume ceremony is usually a communal and family event for festive occasions like Shabe Chelleh celebration, the longest night of the year. 

    Shire-Pazi (tradition of making syrup)

     From the ancient days, there were a lot of grape gardens, thanks to water abundance in Qanats of Gonabad. Making grape syrup has been common in the region for a long time. Each year in harvesting season, people of Gonabad make syrup in its traditional and ritual way. Grape syrup is sincerely recommended as a valuable souvenir of Gonabad.

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