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Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Khorasan Razavi

Gonabad Qasabeh Qanat

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The building of Dar-al-Shafa Daloi
The step place of Imam Ali (AS), known as Dar-al-Shafa Daloi, is located in 4 km distance to north-east of the city of Gonabad, in the village of Daloi. This architecture, which is a part of the Qajar period, has amenities including accommodation, kitchen and cooking facilities provided to pilgrims and religious tourists.
Other holy shrines of Gonabad include the tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim, a son of Musa ibn Ja'far (AS), the village of Riab, in 7 km distance on west of Gonabad. Mazar Pir Kaleh, Noghab, the Tomb of Sheikh Bohlul Ganabadi, at the entrance to Gonabad


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