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Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Khorasan Razavi

Gonabad Qasabeh Qanat

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Urban gardens and parks

National Gardens: This is one of the oldest and most beautiful gardens in the city of Gonabad, located next to Ghadir Square. Water of Ali Abad aqueduct passes through this place and has created a very pleasant landscape. The National Garden is a popular destination for tourists because of its establishment in the city center and access to suitable facilities.

Qasbah Water Park

This park is located on Naser Khosraw Street and in Pirali neighborhood of Gonabad; it is the site of the world-renowned Qasbah Aqueduct, providing a tranquil environment and pleasant air with great views.
Recreational facilities of which include a boating place and a children's mini-park.

Daneshgah Park

This linear park has facilities such as a skating site, a children's playground and soccer ground for teens, a 5D cinema, a platform and a canopy; it is located next to Islamic Azad University (Gonabad Branch).

Mellat Park

Mellat Park with 5 hectares is the largest garden in the city of Gonabad. The park is welcomed by tourists and people of Gonabad due to its location on the north-to-south corridor; Riab village has been welcomed by tourists and residents of Gonabad.

Tourist Attractions of Bidokht

Bidokht with its valued tourist attractions is in about 5 km distance from Gonabad. Bidokht has been one of the tourist destinations for the city of Gonabad, with its historic attractions such as Central Mosque, Kosar Icebox, Khwaja Bidokhti Spring House, Haji Moin Mansion, and Haji Moin House, Ab-anbar and proper residential facilities, due to being located on the east side of the country. The traditional market of Bidokht with its beautiful architecture has a basin and a bath, which are considered as other tourist attractions of the city.

Kheibari Garden Street

This beautiful village is located in about 5 km distance on the north of Gonabad. The Kheibari area has the rarest collection of gardens, which is irrigated from the old aqueduct of the village. In addition to the native and spectacular architecture of the village, and having the tallest wind catcher of Gonabad, the passageways covered with fruit gardens, such as berries, pomegranates, apple and other trees, along with shaded trees, have provided a beautiful appearance of nature for tourists. The water pass of the aqueduct from the edge of most of garden streets refresh the weather of the village. 

The nature of Zirjan Village

Zirjan Village is located in 36 km distance on the southwest of Gonabad; it is like a green lake in the heart of the Siahkouh Mountain range. The village consists of twelve fabulous villages and fields such as Godar Islam, Kalateh Mullah, Taghavi, etc.; it is a destination of tourists and environmentalists with natural mountains and attractions. The most important highland of this area is Siahkouh Mountains with a peak called Tirmahi with a height of 2557 meters.
With a mountainous climate, Zirjan Village has a very pleasant weather in summer. Among the handmade handicrafts of Zirjan Village we may point to basket weaving, or in Zirjani accent called “Shiib Chini”; people are still more engaged in this profession, especially in winter.

Khannik ​​Tourism Village

This hillside village, which is the land of springs and water passes, is located in 30 km distance from the city of Gonabad, being between the southwest of this city and Ferdows.
Khannik ​​Tourism Village has a mountainous climate and moderate weather and its water has been supplied from aqueducts. The village has many spectacular attractions, including aqueducts, springs, mountains and beautiful pastures. Occupation of the most of people in the village is farming, gardening and animal breeding. The rich culture of the people of Khanik and a series of customs and traditions, undoubtedly giving the calm nature of Khanik, has given a special grace and beauty to Khanik. Imamzadeh Sultan Mahmud (AS) is considered as one of the religious attractions of this village.

Up-country and Waterfall Park of Kakhak

Kakhak tourism area, plus the religious attractions such as the tomb of Imamzadeh Mohammad Abed (a) and natural waterfalls, Waterfall Park, is welcoming visitors to the cultural and religious day-to-day hospitality with a welcoming people. Kakhak Waterfall Park with an area of ​​13 hectares, which is considered to be the natural beauty of this region, has a water fountain, swimming pool, living spaces and a boulevard with a length of about one kilometer for connecting it to the city.
In this way, numerous water jets and fountains have been established. Natural-historical landscapes such as heights, gardens, pleasant weather and the presence of mills are among the most important tourist attractions of Kakhak.

Natural landscapes of Rochi village and Dam

Rochi village texture with architectural effects including old houses, paths and passageways, paddocks, and old mills are located in 30 km distance on the southwest of Gonabad, along the riverside slopes.
Having the mountains around the area, the village has pleasant weather in the spring and summer, and in winter it also offers beautiful scenery to tourists. The village also has many fruit gardens and farms with eight aqueducts and several springs. The village's dam is a spectacular attraction of the area, with a beautiful view of the local nature for entertainment.

Kamar Ziarat Recreational Center

Kamar Ziarat Recreational Center is located in 45 km north distance on the north of Gonabad, on Younesi road. At the end of the road connecting these heights in a place where the mountains come together, a series of stone stairs facilitate the ascent of tourists.
So that access to the peaks of Mount Jaze is possible with 472 steps. Today, Kamar Ziarat Recreational Center with its amenities, resorts and places of recreation, is considered to be suitable recreational place for the people of Gonabad. The attraction of the religious nature of this place is the tomb of Imamzadeh Yahya bin Muhammad.

Kalshour river

Kalshour river is a seasonal river which flows to Bajestan and Bardaskan, and due to the high groundwater level, it runs throughout the year, and it is considered a kind of permanent and salty water of Gonabad, which is in 35 km distance on the north of Gonabad. It is also used for salt harvesting. The existence of this natural phenomenon creates unique natural landscapes and vegetation, including atropelics, and the historical attraction of this route is the existence of the brick bridges belonging to Safavid era.

Bimorgh natural calcareous cave

This natural phenomenon is located in 30 km distance on the east of Gonabad and in 13 km distance from the village of Bimorgh and on the northern slope of the Shotoran mountain range.
The detected space of the cave includes a 500-meters corridor with a height of 5 to 8 meters and a gradient of about 30 degrees. The entrance atrium is connected to a second atrium by a 100-meter corridor. After passing through a few corridors and smaller corridors, the cave leads to a vertical corridor at a height of 5 meters and leads to a subway and connects the corridor to the bottom.

Seno Summer Village

Seno Summer Village is one of the beautiful and attractive regions of Gonabad. This area is located in 25 kilometers distance on the west of Gonabad, and in the heart of which, the famous Spring of Seno is located. There are 7 mills and a castle in the waterway of this spring. Some experts believe that Seno Spring water comes from a lake and a cave in Zard mountains. The Cave of Seno is something like the cave of Ali Sadr in Hamadan and maybe more massive than that which has not been explored until now. Seno Summer Village, due to extensive saffron farms, has annually crowded by saffron harvesters both domestic and foreign tourists. 

Seno Village’s Saffron Museum

The first rural museum of Khorasan Razavi province and also the first national saffron museum are in the village of Seno and in an area of ​​180 square meters.
In this museum, old tools and gadgets and planting process and harvest of saffron are shown to public, and visitors can closely observe planting steps and harvest natural saffron. Saffron Museum is designed in the space of an old bath of the Safavid era.

Darb Sufe Summer Village

Darb Sufe Summer Village or, as the people of Gonabad say, "Dar Sufe" is a small village that is important in terms of its location and beauty, and is located in 30 kilometers distance on the west of Gonabad. Three sides of which are high mountains and include width trees that are about 6 meters high. At the end of the village and on the wall of one of the mountains connected to the village is a concavity like Vasfeh porch with a depth of 10 meters; they believe that it is made in the Sassanid era, and it is an example of the porches of Naghsh Rustam and Bisotun; but it has remained incomplete. Near it and on the mountainous highlands, there is a place in which the people of the region believe the grave of Piran Vise in located. Darb Sufe is a great place for rock climbing activities.


Historical geography of Gonabad city shows that there are historical monuments including Forod castle in this city. The summit of the mountain on which castle is located, is separated by two valleys from the peaks of its surroundings.
One of these valleys is known as the "Takzu", which is the water pass of a river with the same name. The water consists of waterfalls with a height of 3 to 10 meters, and drinks a small village called Zu. The stone walls of the two sides are roughly covered in some places. This is a summer place amd located in 30 kilometers distance on the southwest of Gonabad.

Gohar Dasht Tourism Village

Gohar Dasht Tourism Village is located at 22 km distance on the west of Gionabad with many tourist attractions. Gohar Dasht is a village formed on a hillside with an airy climate and green gardens. The stone houses of the village and its combination with clay and domestic materials, stone alleyways, old cedar trees, old baths and cemeteries, and stones written in ancient Arabic script, are the spectacular views of this village and its surroundings.

Village and recreation center of Kalat

The village of Kalat, which has been repeatedly mentioned in the poems of Shahnameh, especially the story of the battle between Iran and Turan, is a lagoon and foothills located on the border of the mountains between Gonabad and Ferdows, in 24 kilometers distance on the southwest of Gonabad.
In the distant past, the region has enjoyed such a position that it has been able to afford the most important and decisive origins of the twelve-Rokh war and the presence of personalities such as the Shahnameh figures. At 6 km distance from Kalat, the ruins of the "Forod Castle" are attributed to the Forod, a Prince of Kiani. The valleys leading to Kalat have beautiful landscapes and lush greenery such as Zu, Meymand, and Kalat Dam, which always attracts summer guests. Due to its location at the intersection of the Gonabad, Ferdows, Kakhak and the suitable climates and stairwells of the village known as Masuleh Gonabad, it is possible to become a tourist destination.

Deserts of Gonabad

Natural Steep Banks of Ghouzhd

Natural Steep Banks of Ghouzhd are located in 10 kilometers distance on the east of Gonabad, near a village of the same name, which is an unrivaled tourist attraction. These Steep Banks have been created over time due to wind and rain, and in some places the height of the Steep Bank reaches over 100 meters.

Omrani Desert Park

Omrani Desert Park is located in 26 km distance from Gonabad and on its Road to Torbat Heydarieh and in 5 km distance on the west of the destroyed Omrani village.
The park has been constructed in an area of ​​over 66.5 hectares, of which 42 hectares are green. There are facilities and amenities in this park including a mosque, stores and other places for passersby from this desert region.

Roshanavand Desert

Roshanavand Desert is one of the pristine and spectacular attractions of Gonabad, which attracts desert hikers because of its special climate and clean weather. The sky of Roshanavand Desert has provided nights full of stars which are attractive for astronomy enthusiasts, and this is the best place to observe the stars.













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