Basketwork is one of the handicrafts of Gonabad. Young and narrow branches of Willow,Judas tree and Badameshk( Badam-e-Kouhi) drench to get flexible and ready to weave and tie for making dishes like basket, Darb-e-Kandou, Sefteh ghout(a dish suitable for expanding fruit slices to dry them) and etc. They also make decorative dishes with the stem of cereals especially wheat.

Beydokht cloth weaving

Cloth weaving is one of the very traditional jobs in Gonabad. with industrialization textiles in These days, this art is abrogated ,but traditionally It's active in Beydokht.

Carpet weaving

 Carpet weaving is one of the local crafts of Gonabad which has been common from a long time ago. Lachak and Toranj are from local patterns in Gonabad.

Traditional tile

 Traditional tile is an old craft in Iran which refers to the second millennium BC. This art is still common in Baydokht of Gonabad.


Pottery is the most famous handicraft of Gonabad region. With unique and native designs, it has been a custom in Gonabad for over 5000 years. Today, it still retains its traditional production rules.